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12/10/08 02:28 am - [SPN] The Gloaming (Part 1/2)

Title: The Gloaming (Part 1/2)
Fandom/original: Supernatural
Pairing/Characters: Dean POV, Sam, Not-Sam
Rating: R (for swearing and …yeah)
Word Count: 2,939
Challenge: A [info]15_minute_fic prompt; see behind the cut.
Disclaimer: I own my new shirt, and my Ganesha statue. Dean and Sam are on their own.
A/N: …I, I have no excuse for this. It crept up on me and ate my brain while I was trying to sleep. I think I’m heading into that Special Hell. With that damn hand basket and everything.

Why was everything conspiring against him by connecting every action, sound, and feeling to kinky sex…? )
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